My Giant

* * *

Nice to meet you, my name’s Sean.

Are you from the Amazon?

That was rude, I thought you’d laugh,

I’ve never hit on a giraffe.

 * * *

Ugh, no wait, don’t run away,

Here is what I meant to say.

 * * *

I think our meeting must be fate,

I want to ask you on a date.

I bet you have a pretty face,

If I could see above your waist.

* * *

How do planes not hit your head?

Why’s your face not blinking red?

Freak of nature, Greek goddess,

If I jump I’ll reach your breast.

* * *

Body toned, frame so slender,

Too-tall torso, I surrender.

Hair so golden, skin so fair,

Can you see my house up there?

* * *

Skyscraper legs, penthouse height,

Chiseled ass, marble tight.

Want to climb you like a tree,

Our kids would all be 6 foot 3.

* * *

Let’s have a meal, what do you eat?

Tethered goat? Free range sheep?

And to drink, a glass of wine?

Sure, we’ll get a straw or nine.

* * *

I know a spot with a view,

Two miles away, two steps for you,

We’ll take a cab, or we could walk it,

I could ride there in your pocket.

* * *

What’s that you say? Straight to dessert?

Look at you, you giant flirt.

Let’s go to yours, I lack the floor plan.

Does your beanstalk have a doorman?

* * *

You have family? Father, mother?

Oh, Goliath was your brother?

Stupid David, man that sucks,

Only douches fight with rocks.

* * *

I heard you modeled, is that true?

Statue of Liberty? That was you?

Of course it was, she has your nose,

Did they let you keep the clothes?

* * *

A kiss? Alright, if I’m able,

Wait, I’ll climb up on this table.

Almost there, I’m at your chin,

I should’ve brought some oxygen.

* * *

It might be better lying down,

Oh come on, please don’t frown.

No it’s not that you’re too tall!

If anything, the world’s too small!

* * *

Love you? Sure, I guess I do,

I have a giant crush on you.

Stay the night? You bet I can,

Invade you like Afghanistan.

* * *

Enough with all the chitter chatter,

Where’s the bed? You have a ladder?

I’m all done, no more fronting,

Want to bag you, big-game hunting.

* * *

Let’s do this, flip the switch,

I’ll be your midget bitch.

Your bedroom toy, help me grow,

A sexy doll, you’re my Gepetto.

* * *

Zippers zip, passion raw,

Arms too short, can’t reach your bra.

In the darkness, tough to see,

Is that it? Wait, that’s your knee.

* * *

Sweaty now, face to face,

Tough to breathe in your embrace.

I see regret in your eyes,

Your hands are huge, it’s not my size!

* * *

Doors snap open, it’s my station,

Daydream ending in frustration.

I glance once more in your direction,

You’re unaware of our connection.

* * *

One day giant, I’ll get the nerve,

To talk to you, not just observe.

Until then, I’ll always treasure,

These subway stops, our life together.

* * *


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One response to “My Giant

  1. Jake

    Made my day, Sean.

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